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Forward Crediting Platform for Permanent Carbon Removal

What We Offer

A Unified Standard

Our Covalent Certification Standard allows early-stage CDR projects to issue forward credits with independent third-party validation, giving buyers trusted, high-quality options.


Blockchain Verified

Our registry tracks projects transparently and securely on the blockchain, including transactions by storage operators, monitoring & measurement companies, and validation/verification bodies.



Our rigorous eligibility criteria ensures permanent carbon removal from the atmosphere while providing immediate funding for CDR project developers.


All-in-one platform for carbon credit management

  • 3rd Party Independent Validation

      Build trust with your buyers for your forward credits by receiving a third party independent validation based on Covalent Certification Standard.
  • Forward Financing

  • Web3 Integration

  • Multi-channel Distribution

  • Public Registry

  • Intergenerational Equity

      By ensuring the permanent storage of sequestered carbon in the reservoir, Covalent prevents the transfer of the climate crisis to future generations, actively contributing to a sustainable future.
  • MRVR

  • Permanent

  • Blockchain-Native

  • Registry

A Comprehensive Solution

Introducing the Covalent Certification Standard

The Covalent Certification Standard is a unified framework for engineered carbon-dioxide removal, providing early-stage project developers with the standardized method they need to navigate the challenging carbon removal landscape. By certifying projects that meet our rigorous standards for permanence, monitoring, and quantification, we aim to foster trust in the carbon removal market and accelerate the adoption of these critical solutions.

  • Simultaneous blockchain records
  • Stakeholder inclusivity
  • Early-crediting